Designer, programmer, and entrepreneur (or just called me an Indie hacker). I build things to solve my own problems and turn some into products or businesses if I find them useful to others. I'm currently spending my time bootstraping LearnAlgorithm in public, writing articles, helping friends organize events in Bangkok, reading books, and occasionally traveling.

Highlight Projects


LearnAlgorithm is an interactive learning platform inviting Thai developers to discuss problem-solving processes through interesting stories behind various algorithms and data structures.



HistoryLogbook is a history learning tool designed to assist students in gaining a comprehensive understanding of a topic and deriving insightful information by connecting historical dots through timelines and maps.

Acquired (prev Uniswap Calculator) is an all-in-one workspace for Uniswap liquidity providers. The project got a grant support from Uniswap Foundation and was embraced by users from over 170 countries worldwide.