My product got acquired! What's next?

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One of my projects,, has recently been acquired! so I would like to take this opportunity to reflect on the selling decisions and share a bit of my future plans as an indie hacker.

In brief,, formerly known as Uniswap Calculator, is a tool that retrieves data from the blockchain to estimate potential earnings for Uniswap liquidity providers.

The project began as a learning side project (as usual), launched in August 2021. Although it wasn't a big launch, with only a few initial users, the traffic steadily increased month after month. The turning point came when Hayden Adams, the founder of Uniswap, retweeted it. I vividly recall the excitement I felt reading all the comments and feedback all day. From that day, most users became fans of the project.

This project opened up a ton of opportunities for me. It allowed me to delve deeply into Uniswap v3, secure a full-time job, receive financial support from the Uniswap Foundation, quit my job to become a full-time indie hacker, and most importantly, I got a chance to witness how organic ideas and products are developed firsthand which got me invaluable insights and confidences to continue on my current path.

Past few months, I've been thinking about selling the project as my focus has shifted elsewhere. I've found it challenging to allocate time to respond to users' requests and keep up with upcoming trends.

Then, magic happens! Noah just reached out to me at the right moment. Having recently sold his startup, Potion, he was exploring other opportunities and stumbled across my tool.

We had a few discussions, and I was quite pleased with his future plans as our product development philosophies align closely. He intends to keep the existing repository open-source, add more free tools and continue building in public. Talking with him makes me feel confident that my users would be happy with the upcoming developments.

My future plan is pretty straightforward. I aim to launch something every month and document the entire process on my website and Twitter. I had a few ideas on my bucket list and some are already started. These launches won't need to be new projects; they could be existing or old projects with new milestones.

I will be focusing on two categories of projects

  1. Projects that are optimized for learning, exploration, and joy.
  2. Projects that are optimized to be useful.

I don't have any MRR goal or monetization plan for my upcoming projects. If the project I've built is good at solving others' problems, I'll consider monetizing it later on. (I'll write a blog post on my thought behind these two types of projects later if you're interested)

That's all for now! Thank you for reading until the end. I hope you have a fantastic day. And oh, If you're on the same journey, let's connect on Twitter!